Renting a property in the Netherlands

Renting a property in the Netherlands can be a confusing process, full of pitfalls, often hidden costs and complex contracts that are difficult to terminate.

First you need to find suitable properties that meet your criteria, visit different ones and then start the process of negotiating the price and contract conditions. It is very important to have an expert helping you during this process. With your interests at heart our agents know what to watch out for and understand the Dutch language as well as the legalities.

At Welocate we have created the Home Renters Plan to help expats rent a property for short, medium or long stay. We use local agents to help you through all steps to find the right rental home for you.

The Home Renters Plan

Are you looking to rent a property but need professional help in navigating the rental market?

The Home Renters Plan provides everything you need to find and rent a property in the Netherlands.

We have developed a complete service to rent a property, ensuring it's under the right conditions at the best price.

A local agent will help you find and visit properties, negotiate the price and conditions and check the contract.

The service is offered at a fixed, transparent and competitive price so you've no surprises afterwards.

Below you will find more information about what is included in the Home Renters Plan.

What's included?


We discuss your requirements such as price, furnished or not, length of stay, location, number of bedrooms, etc. We scan for properties matching your criteria on a daily basis.


We arrange viewings for the properties you are interested in. Our agent will accompany you to the visit, advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of the property.


If you are interested to rent a property, our agent can negotiate on your behalf. This is not only about rental price but also things like the termination period and deposit amount.


A rental contract is created and our agent ensures this mentions the agreed conditions and informs you of important aspects. Finally, after signing you can move in on the agreed date.

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