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Buying a house in the Netherlands

Buying a house can be exciting as well as stressful, especially if you don't have detailed knowledge of the process, market or legal obligations.

It starts with finding the property you wish to purchase in the right neighbourhood. Once you've find a house you need check the state and construction of the house, figure out what it's worth followed by negotiations on price and conditions and finally the legal completion.

Since 2004 we've been helping Expats buy their perfect home at the best price in the Netherlands, taking all their worries away. We've created a complete package to provide everything you need from start to finish, the Home Buyers Plan.

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The Home Buyers Plan

Are you searching for a house or have you already found your next dream home and considering to buy?

The Home Buyers Plan provides everything you need to buy a house in the Netherlands.

We have developed a complete package of services you will require in order to purchase a property.

A team of four specialists keep your legal risks minimised, take your worries away and negotiate the best price for you.

The package is offered at a fixed, transparent and competitive price.

Below you will find more information about what is included in the Home Buyers Plan.

What's included?

Estate agent

An experienced local real-estate agent who can help you search for properties, provide expert advice, negotiates and protects your interests during the entire purchase process.

Building report

A building inspector who visits and checks the condition of the property and delivers an extensive construction report detailing short, medium and long term maintenance costs.

Appraisal report

A local, certified appraiser visits the property and creates an appraisal report about the property. This report will be required for your mortgage and is accepted by all banks.


A local notary will draw up the transfer and mortgage deeds, sign them together with all parties. Finally, the notary registers ownership at the government and hands over the keys to you.

There are two types of Home Buyers Plan available which include all the above products:

    • Home Buyers Plan: This package is for when you have found a house yourself and are seriously considering to buy.
    • Home Buyers Plan Extended: This package is when you want help right from the start, searching for properties, visiting and finally the purchase.

Home Buyers PlanFound a house yourself and are ready to buy


Complete buying package
Real-estate agent
Building inspector

Extended editionWhen you want help searching and buying


Complete search and buying package
Real-estate agent
Building inspector

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